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Active Aide® Zip-Up Top Insert-bite, pinch, scratch, punch resistant

Stealthwear™ Protective Clothing

L2 Active Aide® Zip-Up Top Inserts


Our Active Aide® L2 Optional Inserts are designed to fit into inner pockets within our L2 Zip-Up Tops. The insert concept allows you the convenience of adding or removing protection, depending on your needs.

Additionally, if the inserts are needed on a continual basis, they can be left in the garment, even when being laundered.

  • Pinch, punch, scratch and bite resistant
  • Belly/back inserts provide protection in the abdominal and low/mid back areas
  • Upper back inserts help protect the vertebrae in the upper back area
  • Underarm inserts provide protection for the inner part of the upper arm
  • Belly/back and underarm inserts are also included in our Active Aide® L2 Upper Body PPE Kit
  • Anti-microbial and latex-free
  • Free shipping/handling within continental U.S.


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